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Hammer after hammer is pouring into the Far East creating a wake felt throughout S.E. Asia. Jimmy Teoh and his company, Foundation Associates Engineering, have been taking ove ...

Pushing and pulling is what Rohrscheib Caissons needed to do in two different locations this winter. Up to 8ft. caissons needed extracted or driven. Kevin called APE/J&M N.E. ...

J&M vibratory pile driver/extractors are now being made in two places: 1) Kent, Washington at the APE/J&M main factory, and 2) APE North Carolina. APE North Carolina is set up ...

This Foster 1700 was limited to the pile it could drive because of its attachment. APE/J&M was able to drill the bottom of the gear box so a caisson beam could be installed. ...

YOU KNEW IT WAS COMING. The J&M Model 22-30 represents the best of both worlds, with the ultra-reliable J&M gear box mated to a patented, APE, two stage suppressor. The 22-3 ...

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