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J&M 44/50 On The Job

   J&M model V44/50 working in central Florida driving 40' sheet piling into compacted fill. The project is a bridge widening.

J&M V416 On The Job

   Here is a great bunch of photos of the newest J&M 416 on the job. The 416 was taken directly from the factory without a power unit. The hammer was mated to an APE Model 330 power unit that was on hand as a spare. The system worked perfectly. The 416 is driving 60" diameter caising 30' long. A unique part of the system is that the casing is split in order to retrieve it after a 95' tall structure is placed in the hole.
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APE Purchases J&M

  J&M Hydraulics, original designer and manufacturer of the ICE vibrator, has been purchased by American Piledriving Equiment, inc.(APE).   J&M first started making deep foundation products for L.B. Foster in 1969. In 1974 J&M shocked the world with a revolutionary vibratory pile driver/extractor that featured a simple open loop hydraulic system and a giant rubber spring suppressor first pioneered by Ed Haverkamp of Grand Rapids, Michigan. J&M sold 20 million dollars worth to ICE in the first two years.   J&M went on to become the largest vibro piledriver/extractor manufacturer in the world, selling the machines exclusively to ICE from 1974 to early 2001.
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